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Reiki Healing + Crystal Chakra Balancing: The emerging new trend of wellness for the soul

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

A healing therapist starts a session by becoming in tune to your different energy bodies. The focus is on your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energies that affect your health and well being. By accessing these energies your therapist is able to release any blockages that may be preventing you from either moving forward or stepping into your potential. The Japanese healing technique uses intuition, slight touch on the chakras, and releasing any stifled energy. Some may be guided into a meditation in order to shift the energy either mentally or emotionally. This sensation can allow for you to feel light and clear.

You may notice a change in mood, reduced anxiety or physical pain relief, clearer mind, out of body experience, emotionally stable, grounded... etc.

As the pandemic took hold of our lives, we had a chance to sit back and really feel what perhaps we were ignoring or searching for. We went along life not paying attention to our mental and emotional wellness. The importance for us to be aligned with our mind and our emotions is essential to our growth and healing of our past to move toward a better, wholesome future.

Every Reiki Healing experience is different.

Healing starts with us. The effort we put into our health and what we feed our bodies and mind is paramount over time. Choosing a healthy diet, lifestyle or even being aware of our boundaries can prevent us from feeling exhausted, over stimulated and distracting us from our own healing journey.

What to expect from a Reiki Healing

Release + Pain Relief

Expect to clear blockages in areas that come to the healers mind first. The energy is then either shifted or cleared. Sometimes bringing awareness to these areas help you become more aligned with the changes that need to be made.

Relieves stress. Depression. Improves Sleep. Relieves Nausea.

Meditation + Clear Mind

Sometimes a client may have a busy mind. A distraction or perhaps an opportunity to focus on visual images, sounds and crystal alignment can put into focus your mind to put everything at ease. Brings a sense or calm, relaxation, clarity, focus.

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