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The Month of Love

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Strawberry + Chocolate Dipped Package

Enjoy a delightful full body experience from head to toe. A dry exfoliation to the body to encourages cell renewal, stimulate and improve circulation. Your body is wrapped in a chocolate cocoon. The uplifting aroma of the cocoa can leave you feeling refreshed hours later. Allow yourself to relax even deeper with our Strawberry Rhubarb mini facial to replenish and leave skin looking refreshed, plumped and hydrated.

Step into our infrared sauna + relax with a hot stone strawberry lotion and stone crop oil full body hydrating application

Includes a glass of our Strawberry Mojito with Strawberry, Lemon, organic cane sugar, crushed ice Bubbly.

Strawberry + Chocolate to top it off!

Call us to book for our Special $299 for two!

Strawberry Rhubarb Glowing Facial

Relax with a soothing cleanse using our deeply hydrating coconut milk or firm skin cleanser filled with powerful antioxidants. Skin is gently exfoliated to remove impurities with our strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant leaving your skin soft and supple. Our collection includes the replenishing strawberry masque applied to boost hydration leaving the skin looking youthful and brighter. Finishing with our strawberry rhubarb serum and customized targeted moistrurizer to firm the skin and leave it glowing!

  Suitable for all skin types, especially dry or dehydrated.

Includes a strawberry mojito + strawberries and chocolate.

Call us to book for two for $220


Call us to book for two!

705 788 9766

Enjoy a Strawberry Mojito, 

Strawberries + Chocolate on us!

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